Alpha associates Tanzania Limited offer human capital solutions that provide the greatest impact on workplace productivity by a certified expert on Human Resources Management, Fundraising: How to connect with Donor’s and Essential of Non Profit Strategy. We empower organizations to hire for passion and attitude, identify talented employees and know how to engage and retain talented employees; know how to invest in employees as are the one who can make the organization to reach their target or vice versa . We provide human capital solution through assessment, solution recommendation, coaching, and plan development to help organization success through the following areas:-
Recruitment /Talent acquisition Performance Management Talent Management Employee Engagement Training Need Assessments Work Environment Analysis Non Profit Strategy Formulation Fundraising: How to connect with Donors

Recruitment /Talent acquisition

Many organizations lack recruitment expertise to attract talented employees to their organizations and they don’t have enough staff to do it. We are recruitment/Talent acquisition expert, we find out the talented candidate that best matches the employer’s need. We sourcing, advertising, interviewing, reference checking and selecting the right candidates to meet the employer’s expectations. Your employees are the source of organization’s competitive advantage.
Performance Management
Performance management process helps to establish and support the link between strategic business objectives and employee day-to-day action and task. It enables employee and team to understand the goal of organization and how individual or team contributions contribute to the achievement of organization’s objectives. Unless an organization has a clear idea of its purpose and strategy, it will never reach its full potentials
Talent Management
Without talent management strategy your organization is actually losing money. Studies show talented employee makes 5% of your workforce but produce 26% of your output. If you’re not identify them, you’re probably also not keeping them.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees have a deep emotional connection to their work. They feel a sense of purpose and energy. They never say, ‘’that’s not in my job description. I’m not paid enough to do that” Many leaders assume employees are responsible for bringing engagement to the table-so they hire for passion and energy. But once these enthusiastic employees start working; your organization need to support them in ways that keep them engaged. All the bust of energy employee feel actually comes from being engaged in their work and not with how satisfied their while their there. Studies show employees who are high engaged are productive and less likely to leave an organization

Training Need Assessment

There is nothing worse than creating a training program for a problem that training can’t solve. The assessment should help to identify root causes of the problem so that we are not constantly fixing the symptoms of the problem

Work Environment Analysis

It has been proved that work place environment plays a vital role in motivating employees to perform their assigned works. The ability to attract, keep and motivating high performance is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive organization environment

Non Profit Strategy Formulation

A common error in problem solving is to frame the problem in term of particular solution. Many Nonprofit organizations when they test their ideas before launch a full project, they reveal that; not only they did not get the solution right, but also they have failed to frame the problem correctly. We offer Human Capital solution on Non Profit Strategy Formulation and we are certified on Essentials of Non Profit Strategy.

Fundraising: How to connect with Donor’s

Many people are anxious in asking for money. We break down the anxieties in solicitation process that cause it and manage to overcome worst fear. Good fundraisers, however, engage their donors in a multitude of ways: they identify common interest, they listen and they make a connection. We empower you with fundraising skills. It’s all about fundraising and it’s all about making you a better fundraiser. We empower you with ‘’People Skills” that you will need to succeed as a fundraiser and empower you with organization issues on how to write a good fundraising proposal. We offer human capital solution on Fundraising and we are certified on Fundraising: How to connect with Donor’s