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  • Local and foreign company registration
  • Filling of Company Annual Returns
  • Business proposals write up.
  • Transfer of Shares and change of business names services
  • Preparation of MEMARTSetc.
  • Procurement of both Industrial and Business licenses.
  • application and procurement of Residency permit Class A & B
  • Application and procurement of Work permits.
  • Facilitation for Certification of New Imported product through TFDA, TBS, and Radiation Department.


  • Research on different policies affecting business environments
  • Market Research for local and foreigner consumption
  • Training On entrepreneurship skills and business techniques
  • Training On accounting, Tax Issues, and HR Services
  • Advocate and awareness Creation on UN Global 10 Principals.


Our Accounting Services Includes:-

  • Preparation of General ledgers
  • Monthly Trial Balance preparation
  • Annual Financial statement preparation
  • Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)
  • Provision of Computerized payroll services
  • Periodically control of clients’ accounts receivables.
  • Preparation of financial statement (for tender and Loans seekers)
  • Preparation of Company management Account
  • Preparation of Cash Budget and Cash Flow Forecasts (Monthly/Quarterly/annual)
  • Treasury and cash management services including bank reconciliations.
  • Advisory and Computation of business ratios including return on Investments, return on Capital employed etc.


Our business tax includes:-

  • Tax Planning
  • Opening of Company Tax File, and apply for TIN and VAT registration Certificate
  • Preparation and filing of Company and Directors Provisional Returns.
  • Applying and processing for Tax clearance
  • Preparation and filling of VAT monthly, and VAT control account
  • Preparation of corporate income tax Annual returns
  • Provision of TRA Audit Support services
  • Provision of Tax advisory services
  • TRA Electronically tax payments and submission of relevant returns
  • Electronically issuance of Authenticated withholding Tax Certificates
  • Monthly Withholding computation and filing returns
  • Preparations of Bi-annual returns (SDL, PAYE, and WHT)
  • Filling Tax Objections and represent a client to Tax appeals tribunals
  • VAT refund Certifications.
  • VAT Claims processing for corporate companies and international organizations.
  • Procurement of Electronic Fiscal Devices from Relevant Authorized dealers
  • Tax diligence
  • Computation of capital gain tax